The narrative is everything

How do we defend ourselves against headlines that are steeped in nasty magic yet consumed as truth by millions of hypnotised people? Daily Mail headlines such as “Migrants Swarm to Britain” are designed to stir feelings of hatred, hatred that sells papers to people addicted to it. Headlines that are backed by the political establishment of Lib/Lab/Con/UKIP as they used by them to bolster their own messages.

I haven’t met many people who don’t show a degree of compassion when you talk of refugees from an atrocious civil war. While 4 million are reported to have fled Syria, around 2,000 have come to the UK and 140,000 have been welcomed by Germany. In fact Germany is opening its arms to far more; almost 200,000 from a variety of countries so far this year.

So it is an obvious piece of nasty magic being spouted by the Daily Mail, yet people believe it and respond politically to it, for example by voting the Tories back in to power. This nasty political thaumaturgy has to be recognised for us to become immune to its hypnotising effects, so how do we get people to recognise it?

It is not just the Daily Mail, the BBC are shockingly bad too. Talk of ‘debt fueled’ economic booms rang out across Radio 4 last week with no acknowledgement that almost every economy in the world is based on debt. Get rid of the debt and you get rid of money and crash the debt based economy.

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