Refugee or Migrant?

The term “migrant” has been hijacked by the hate media and used to describe a person who isn’t really welcome in the country, which suits the nasty political elements who need scapegoats to blame for their failings and greed. Obviously they describe those British people who have “escaped to the sun” and “ex-pats” rather than migrants, after all how could a Brit be a migrant?

This is simple framing or thaumaturgy used to drive a message and idea that foreigners are bad and Brits are good which in turn allows for others to be blamed for problems that the political establishment, the corporation and the media have caused.

It will take a while to recapture migrant as a neutral term but in the meantime we must use the phrase refugee for those people displaced from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya, Eritrea, etc. Countries where people are fleeing persecution and war, often as a direct result of actions and interventions by that wonderful British political establishment and its corporations.

Compassion towards fellow humans is diminishing as a direct result of the hate media. Our standing in Europe is seen as harsh on immigration yet we have taken less then 1% of Syrian refugees.

So lets stop using the term migrant and give it a chance to detoxify. Let’s call these people by what they also are, refugees.


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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