Replacing the god of consumerism

I need more. I want more. I need more. Give me more, give me more NOW!

The alluring need for more, the need to consume and the need to be bigger and better is ever pervasive in our ‘aspirant’ society. Listening to politicians talking of meeting people’s aspirations to do better than ‘shop work’ or insisting that more people than ever should go to university, or talking about social mobility. In each of these we can detect a clear undercurrent that the key driver to earn more and spend more is to increase the profits of corporations.

The god of consumerism has invaded our lives, our society and our psyche. It is driving behaviours that are destroying the world that feeds and clothes us, it is promoting conflict between nations and damaging any chance for our children and future generations. It is not, as the corporations advertise, making us happier or better in any way.

Meaning and purpose is missing from the lives of many, having been edged out over the years by the god of consumerism. Bringing back meaning and a purpose – one that gives something back to the world rather than taking from it – has to be central to our work as Green Warrior Mages.

Working with nature, understanding ecospirituality and embedding it in our lives, so that our actions are in balance with the world rather than simply taking from it. Developing our awareness of our lives and the place that we live, and celebrating both, helps us to grow spiritually giving meaning and a purpose that doesn’t damage the future.

But putting this into practice is the tough part. Looking at how our lives are structured, how we eat, travel, work, heat our homes and what we buy all takes time to understand and to make changes. Some of the changes are tough and very few people in the Western world live their lives as if there was just one planet.

And one planet living is just part of the jigsaw. We must work on self awareness developed through meditation. We must work on magic through ritual, words and actions that embed changes in our subconscious (and sometimes the unconscious of others). And as Warriors we should seek to influence those around us to dump the god of consumerism too.

That’s all quite heavy stuff so take a look at the Reverend Billy who usually hits the mark.

Greybeard /|\


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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