The Fracking Fight Continues

The news that MPs (mostly Tories) have voted to allow fracking under national parks is appalling but hardly unexpected but what me must not do is give up the fight. The Earth is sacred, it is our body, our being and we must not cease from trying to stop these frackers from injecting their poison so that they can pollute our water and air too.

And don’t get distracted by the national parks aspect. All the Earth is sacred, they should not be fracking anywhere.

My plea to everyone is to continue the fight. Use this news to strengthen your resolve. Find your local anti-fracking group and make contact. Sign up to Warriors Call. Carry on writing to your MP and the press. Talk to everyone about why this must be stopped.


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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