Whole system campaigning

How does the Law of Wholeness relate to the activities of a Green Warrior Mage?

If this blog is about understanding how we can build a better world and campaign against CGMthe injustices that are metered out at every turn by corporations, governments and the media (CGMs – I’ve designed a nice logo for them too, sorry if it is a bit rude but it’s good to express one’s inner child occasionally…), by becoming green warrior mages then we better understand how the laws of spiritual ecology can help us in the battle.

So there are the two aspects to being a green warrior mage: defending ourselves against the magical spin from CGMs and campaigning against them; of course these are closely related.

Wholeness is a concept that is broadly understood by most people who have followed at least some of the new age thought that has been knocking around for the past 50 years and a concept that has been hijacked by others. Holistism is a much misused term in health care for example – lots of practitioners both conventional and complementary use the term to describe their practice but lots don’t understand it.

When it comes to the thaumaturgic attacks by CGMs they exploit sloppy thinking by people. So you will hear that fracking will provide energy security for a country so that they can get people in a mindset that says: “Great we will have our own energy and not be reliant on nasty foreigners.”

Just in that frame of reference are two anti-wholeness points. Having our own energy is set out as the only aspect of fracking that exists and certainly the only thing that matters. This is framed as an emotional crutch, i.e. we can survive and we can be self reliant; this is powerful magic for those who fail to think. Where it falls down of course is that fracking doesn’t exist as a stand alone energy supply. It exists as part of a whole system, one that involves trucking in millions of tons of water, injecting poisonous chemicals deep into the Earth, polluting the ground water and causing minor earthquakes, producing methane that contributes to climate change and air pollution that kills animals including us. I could go on…

The second anti-wholeness point is those nasty foreigners. Adding emotion, especially fear, to the mix is very powerful. But of course it once again completely fails the wholeness test. We are all one; those nasty foreigners are us. I’m sure if you live in one of the 180+ countries that the UK has interfered with over the past few centuries, let alone a country such as Iraq, Syria or Libya that has been attacked by the UK recently then I’m sure you will be thinking that those Brits are the nasty foreigners too. The reality is that we are part of the whole system that is Nature. There is no separateness. What we do to others, we are doing to ourselves. Those ‘nasty’ foreigners are just like you and me, they are an integral part of the world we all inhabit and framing them as nasty is a concept that I’ll return to in future posts.

So whole system thinking needs to be applied to the spin from CGMs. Think about impacts and relationships. What really happens when one part of a whole system is affected? Thinking around the topic helps defend us from their spin, half truths and lies.

But seeing through the messages of the CGMs is just half of the picture. How should the Law of Wholeness frame our campaigning?

At a simple level it is a case of getting the whole picture known. To continue my example of fracking, it is a case of shouting about the wider impacts of fracking on the whole system. Of course this gets you into a magic fight with the CGMs going on the defensive, ridiculing and ignoring the wider concerns as any one who has followed the fracking debate has witnessed.

At a deeper level it is probably about ensuring that campaign messages include alternatives to what is proposed. Indeed, at its deepest level it is giving a clear narrative of an alternative way of living, i.e. it’s one thing to describe the benefits of not having fracking but quite another to be able to describe a better future that may depend on a range of changes underpinned by aspects other than fracking.

So if the campaign is against air pollution from traffic we can say we want people to change to electric vehicles. However, that isn’t going to be practical – there simply won’t be enough electricity production to do a simple switch, plus the switch would lay waste to millions of cars and lorries. We could ask them to slow down and reduce the distances travelled which is easier to achieve but won’t solve the problem completely. We could ban cars but how would people get to work and to do their shopping?

What we would need to describe is a very different world where car use is abnormal. Where people live close to where they work and get their goods from. A world of community and localism. That would be a radical change for most of us and difficult to achieve under normal timescales. It requires an understanding of all the Laws, all of which our consumerist society driven by CGMs is quite dissimilar too.





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