Water or Air – magical campaigning with the flow

DSCF2263Last week’s post on the Law of Flow in Spiritual Ecology focused on flow using text from the Tao Te Ching. This week I want to think more about flow from a more Pagan / animist perspective.

As I type this a gale is tearing around the house, through the trees in my garden and pulling off twigs to litter the lawn. The air dragon is awake, angry and full of nwyfre (or energy / life force), it can do damage and often does. It is colliding with objects in its way rather than simply flowing round them; it acts more like the solid earth than the gentle flow that brings fresh air to our lungs. The more energy it has, the faster air flows and the greater potential for damage it has.

Of course water can be even more destructive in its flow. Water, like air, increases its flow as its nwyfre increases but generally instead of the heat that moves air, the water dragon needs gravity and volume to do damage, whether that is a high rain fall in Cumbria or a tsunami triggered by an earth quake.

Water seems more powerful than air but how does this help us with campaigning?

Air is often linked to thought and intelligence whereas water is often linked to emotion. The great mistake that new campaigners make repeatedly is that: they are right, they have sound arguments for their case and all they need to do is convince people. I can tell you now that yes, you need to be right but unless you forget about being right and concentrate on making emotionally compelling cases you will get nowhere.

Emotion flows through people like water moving people to tears, driving them to take action. Intellectual arguments get people thinking (sometimes), not doing.

Connect with people’s emotions. Lots of people. Create that flood or tsunami. Bring nwyfre into your campaign. Give it somewhere to go (water does little unless it moves). Take everyone with you, its no good persuading only those few who are prepared to put mental effort into understanding your case. Be part of the water, go with the flow as if you stand against it you will be knocked down and if you avoid it you’ll be left behind.

But be careful. You still need to be right and you can still get swept away. Thaumaturgy is a dangerous weapon so use it wisely and make sure you know how to react when it is used against you.


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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