Solstice Blessings for Alban Hefin

Solstice blessings for Alban Hefin to all. I will be dancing in the mid-summer sun with friends this week as I’m sure you will be too. The wheel of the year gives us Pagans a focus for our energies, it provides us with magical rituals to honour the Earth, and it inspires us to contemplate and meditate on life.

Such is the magic of the eight points of the year. It is internal magic, alchemy or theurgy. It adds in some ‘making’ magic with songs and dances as creative expression during our rites. But mainly it is alchemical, it helps individuals develop a sense of the circle of the year and their relationship with nature, gods and the universal life force.

Each of the quarters is associated with a dragon and the fire dragon’s high point is the summer solstice. Dragons bring power which is neither positive or negative. The heat can can can burn as well as heal, the sun gives energy to plants but it can also kill them through drought.

So dance your hearts in the heat of the midday sun this week, but remember to wear a hat and balance the fire with water, air and earth.

Yours in the Peace of the Grove

Greybeard /|\


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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