May you live in interesting times

While not actually Chinese, ‘may you live interesting times’ is an apposite curse that seems to have been successfully cast on the UK yesterday when the country voted to leave the EU. Who cast the curse and how it was cast is less interesting than what to do next, but it seems that a failure of political engagement with the electorate is at the core of issue and it seems that the media have led the charge to leave, trumping the political and corporate calls to remain. This alone gives huge insight into the power of the media’s magic in changing the consciousness of people at their will.

I took the opportunity to be alone with my rowan tree at dawn this morning. Giving thanks to the four quarters and asking both the ancestors and the rowan for their wisdom at this time of upheaval.

The rowan, the quiet witch of the woodland, can be gentle in her magic and her message. Feeling part of a tree is a wondrous experience, the strength and acceptance that lies within its nature is hard to understand until you have felt it. The rowan shows off its beauty, a beauty built on petiteness and strength. The trees care little for the economic vagaries of the human world, they just do their thing with beauty and grace. They cooperate in symbiotic relationship with the flora and fauna around them. They grow and they die, accepting the cycle of life.

The wheel of the year has the same acceptance of life and death. We stand at the high point in the year, a time of energy and abundance. The danger with high levels of energy is that it is misused. Our failure to keep fossil fuels in the grown exemplifies this. High energy can power high anger and hatred. The summer solstice is the high point of the spirit of fire which can unleash its dragon on us easily.

The wheel will turn to autumn. The leaves will fall along with the economy. People will fall too. Nature dictates this. We will know that winter is coming.

Winter will spell a further change as the realisation of our actions becomes apparent. This will be a time of reflection and contemplation on the chaos. Those who are able to benefit from the chaos will do so, others will suffer. The winter will be very hard and many will die as a result, but death is central to life.

There will be spring again, the wheel always turn. We may get to see spring once more, we may not. The spring won’t feel as bright as springs in the past but there will be some small shoots of life to take us around to the fires of summer again.

The winners will be the chaos magicians, those people who know how to benefit from chaos, people who are agile and resourceful. Everyone else will suffer.


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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One Response to May you live in interesting times

  1. Sad post, but very insightful. Thank you.


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