Advertising spells disaster

After having this piece published on the OBOD site recently I came across this article in Psychology Today: “Advertising is Magic. Advertising is a form of sorcery” by Matthew Hudson. The tenet of the articles is very similar and we both talk about advertising and magic being similar including reference to the use of logos.

Interesting Hudson describes how flashing ads for expensive brands for a few milliseconds can change our behaviour and make us more likely to spend more on goods and not just the brands that were flashed up. He ends his article by moving his thoughts into comparing advertising with religion, using the Apple logo and brand as an example.

The benefit that people derive from chaos magic seems to be based around changing the probabilities of an outcome into their favour, see Specularium for detailed magical formulae!  We therefore have an industry that is one of the most powerful on the planet, one that has been influencing the way we think for over 100 years using a form of magic that is hard to resist, one that acts in the interests of its clients and shareholders rather than people or planet. And we wonder why the planet is so fucked up and why people are walking around in a trance like state letting it get worse and worse.

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