Pagan campaigning in the UK

Two items of note this week. Firstly is the Voices in the Wind ritual on Saturday 16th October. The Warrior’s Call are a Pagan group campaigning against fracking and Pagans across the world are encouraged to take part in their annual ritual. I certainly will be.

Secondly, an interesting petition has started to allow paganism to be taught in religious education lessons. The petition states: “All religions should be covered in the curriculum not just the chosen few. The younger members of society should be able to make an informed choice to what religions are around and what they stand for.”

I was in correspondence earlier this year trying to persuade Radio 4 to have an occasional Pagan voice on Thought for the Day. Of course I was unsuccessful – the BBC are far too conservative for a Pagan voice!

They claimed that there were too few Pagans, however there are enough Buddhists and enough Jews in the for both to have regular slots on the show. It is worth noting that the 2011 census showed that Earth based religions made up 0.21% of all people stating a religion (0.14% of all people) in the UK; this compares to Buddhists at 0.65% and Jews at 0.69%. All these numbers are small but Earth based religions are only 1/3 of the Buddhist and Jewish numbers yet are denied a voice by the Beeb.


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