A Small Step

Despite being someone who has self identified as a Pagan for at least 25 years I have been to only a few rituals, but last weekend I led one of my own.

The Warrior’s Call campaign asked people across the world to take part in a Voices in the Wind ritual last Saturday. As there were none near me I thought I would conduct one on top of a windy hill a few miles away.

Bluebell Hill is a place close to my heart. The views from the top are magnificent, they stretch across the Weald and the picnic area at the top ends abruptly in a large chalk cliff formed by quarrying many years ago. It is one of the quarries that inspired Stig of the Dump – a favourite childhood book of mine.

I was up there at 7am, wanting to be there for the sun rise at 07:23.

Just two others turned up, which was a blessing as I was very nervous about leading the rite. I dreaded a huge crowd of Pagans expecting a professional, carefully thought out ritual! The three of us gave our voices to the wind to call for an end to fracking.

So what use was that? How will it stop fracking? Warrior’s call use the phrase: “Ritual as Action, Action as Ritual”. While John Beckett’s blog post tells us a truth that is widely accepted within the world of real magic: Magic does not make things happen – magic makes things more likely to happen.

Ritual and action can be (maybe always are) forms of magic. Magic improves the odds. Without magic, be it standing on top of a windy hill, writing to our MP, protesting at Balcombe etc., fracking would have a clear run. With magic there is opposition.



About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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