Make America Great Again: Enchanting white men over 45

I wanted to focus on magic messaging in this blog and possibly two of the most powerful messages have rocked the western world this year: ‘Make America Great Again’ and ‘Take Back Control’.

Blogging on the morning where it seems that the US has lost its mind by electing Trump, I can see huge parallels with the UK’s Brexit campaign. The demographic which won both was white, male, over 45 and disengaged. This demographic seems to have been particularly susceptible to the two slogans, or to call them for what they are: enchantments.

Both enchantments were far more powerful that the enchantments used by their opponents. “Stronger in Europe” played right into the Brexiteers hands by suggesting that control should stay in the EU while “Stronger Together” is simply not as powerful as Trump’s slogan and “I’m With Her” says nothing at all.

This world is about magic and the thaumaturgy of Trump and Brexiteers seems to have enchanted a similar demographic with their narratives of aggression and power. Using a narrative of power simply multiplies the effect, whereas the narratives of cooperation are not cutting any mustard with the electorates.

So how do we fight this? Do we need narratives and slogans that are more powerful that these? Should we consider a fundamentally different approach? How do we engage the under 45’s, the non-white voters and women?


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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