The Moon is super

Sadly clouds barred the sight of last night’s Super Moon which was the largest full Moon for 70 years due to her elliptical orbit but her energy is being felt by many.

For many of us the Moon is associated with the Lady of the Lake, the mysterious woman who imparts special gifts and knowledge to those who honour her. The Lady guides us is our darkness in the same way that the Moon does.

The lake is important too, the Moon’s association with water and therefore emotion is tangible. Emotions and nerves can often be on edge at this time of the month as many mental health professionals will tell you.

The moon is interwoven with out language, Month and Monday share the same root as does menstrual and many other words.

Her influence is higher than ever, sparking both guidance and introspection but also giving us heightened emotions and fears as her light exposes aspects of humanity that are usually hidden in the darkness of light.

It is this sight of the dark side of humanity that can be most destructive. Our dark sides are always there yet many people chose to ignore them and only when the light of the Moon shines on them do they realise their impact. Coming to terms with and beginning to understanding our dark side is the best method of ensuring that it does not control us and helps us limit the destruction that it can cause.


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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