Unsolicited magic

Is it wrong to use unsolicited healing, prayers and directed will, i.e. magic?

There is a part of me that finds it quite wrong; I got into a discussion in the street with an evangelical Christian who was a teacher of mine 35 years ago who recoiled when I stated that I was a Pagan. He ended the discussion by telling me that he would pray for my soul, to which I replied that I would rather he didn’t given his obvious dislike of my beliefs. This is clearly not just unsolicited but unwanted too, but it is also the kind of thaumaturgic magic that we are all continuously bombarded with through the media, politics and religion. Most of us have strong defences to filter out the unwanted direction of will from others (I feel the need to say more about this soon…)

On the other hand I regularly send healing thoughts and energy to people that I think who need it. For example the Calais refugees and the Palestinians are often in my thoughts. They have not solicited my intervention yet I feel comfortable working for them in my meditations and campaigning for their rights in wider world. There are plenty of examples where I have worked and campaigned for people in harder circumstances than me despite me having no direct mandate to do so. Is that wrong – I hope not, but is it so different to the Christian trying to ‘save my soul’? He believes he is doing the right thing, just as I am.

There may be a difference between direction of will to an individual compared to a group, there may be a difference between a comfortable middle class white bloke and a homeless child in Aleppo but these differences do not alter the fact the my Christian teacher and I both intervene without permission and both believe we are doing the right thing (obviously there is a difference in that I had told the Christian that I would rather he did not to pray for me in that way, however that was only because I was aware of what he was going to do.)

Despite my conflicted thoughts, I am not going to stop standing against injustice, suffering and oppression. I will continue to use thaumaturgy, despite its known dangers, on the basis that there is an awful lot of nasty thaumaturgy flying around the ether and a bit of good stuff can only help!

Greybeard /|\

Nov 2016


About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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