The magic of Christmas

Christmas is the most overtly Pagan of all western festivals and by it’s nature it is infused with magic. From the dressing of trees to the ritual feasting, and from the Yule log to the birth of the new Sun, the Winter Solstice is my favourite time (plus it’s my birthday too).

Sadly though, it is also the time when corporations take the opportunity to sell us a bunch of stuff that we don’t want or need so that they can increase their profits. The blatant use of magic and enchantments that they use is stark and obvious. If you want a prime example of an enchantment you can go far wrong with the annual M&S or Waitrose adverts. Indeed they have become rites in their own way with high levels of anticipation coursing through the the popular press: what will this year’s advert be?

The M&S advert below is about as close to a perfect thaumaturgic spell as it is possible to get. Both subtle and not so subtle messages infused with emotion and supported by music broadcast into almost every home in the country.

The consumerist magic really kicks off a month before Christmas and as I spoke about last month, Black Friday has been invented to give the spending spell a really launch and the Christmas adverts keep the dark magic going until the Boxing Day sales.

While M&S sell us an idealised version of Christmas and Santa Claus, resplendent in it’s glowing fireside warmth so that we go an buy more crap, our protection spells to counter the thaumaturgic onslaughts have to be switched on and turned right up to 11.

For me that protection spell is one of awareness, strengthened by daily meditation but brought to a climax by an earthy Winter Solstice ritual either with others or alone in my garden.

Finally if you want to know the reality of how the Christmas presents get put beneath your tree, I’ll give you a clue – the elves are on zero hours contracts and the sleigh is a bit too heavy to fly:

From The Lion's Roar


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