The wrong gods

Western society has been worshipping the wrong Gods and those Gods have gotten too strong.

The Gods of Progress, Growth, Greed and Personal Interest have been worshipped through much of the past 2000 years but subservience to them has increased to a point where they are all powerful and dictate the actions and ethics of the majority. How can they be stopped and which are the right Gods to follow?

I don’t know if those Gods have a name, perhaps they do but I know they exist. JMG talked extensively about the religion of Progress. He looked at how civilisations rise and fall, each one focusing on progress, growth and greed as they grow only to decline again as they overshoot their capacity to sustain themselves, either environmentally, socially or politically. I hear people talking about progress when they mean growth and greed, I see actions taken in personal interest overruling the need to cooperate and I see the corporations fixated by greed and profit.

We have created our own monsters too. Those corporations whose overriding requirement is to make profit for shareholder. Joel Bakan talked about the psychopathic nature of corporations in his book and film of the same name. They might think they have other requirements but at their core every corporation has to make money for its shareholders, all other goals are secondary.

But I worship the Gods of nature, the seasons of the year, the every changing but ever present landscape. In nature I find cooperation, oneness, a simple ease but yet harshness and death too. These Gods don’t demand that I put my interests first, they don’t ask that I make money at the expense of others – and of course Gods of many other religions don’t either. My Gods focus on balance, on flow, on creativity and on wholeness.

Every 6 weeks at the time of each of the eight Pagan festivals of the year I have a crisis of some sort or another. I may feel particularly low for a day or two, have a blazing but stupid row with someone and so forth. The timing of these may be self induced, may be a case of confirmational bias or it may be my gods and goddesses demanding attention. On the basis that it is probably safer not to ignore the gods and goddesses, I make time to be with them – to worship them.

For me acknowledging the gods is a way of sharing my energy with them and diffusing the pent up energies and conflicts that bring me into that 6 weekly crisis. While those energies and conflicts are a key source of creativity they can be hard to deal with alone. My rituals and subsequent meditations are my way of restoring balance.

Sadly the worship that many do in shopping centres reinforces the need for more, the prayer books of capitalism and hate – the red top newspapers – drive the divisive thinking, and the subservience rituals to the corporations ensure the destructive attitude to the world of which we are integral.





About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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