it was 2am in the morning…

it was 2am in the morning
when I got in from the party
celebrating half a century of life
synthetic music
an era of rampant aggression and growth
alcohol fuelled conversations about cars and holidays
overweight conversations between overweight people
kids upstairs learning from parents
the cycle to rinse and repeat
the next cycle with more destruction and pollution
those great great grandchildren
not yet born
facing a future that that they will rue
because of adults stuck in adolescence
eternal youth without wisdom
worshipping the gods of greed
time to grow up
time to wake up
time to honour future generations
with a living planet
by living on one planet
with one planet living
by honouring our only planet
by honouring our mother
what will you do?

With blessings to Drew Dellinger



About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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