Speaking out

Should Druids speak out on current affairs more often? I regularly listen to Though for the Day where Christians give 3 minutes of theology relating to a topical subject yet commentary from OBOD, BDO and TDN is quite rare despite the onset of the sixth mass extinction, climate change, etc. etc. – issues that should cut to the centre of our Druidic hearts.

Leadership and worship of the land, sea and sky are central to my practice of Druidry. For me worship is not simply about beating a drum and calling to the spirits, but it is also integral to every day actions. Action as ritual, ritual as action is the mantra from The Warrior’s Call who lead the Pagan fight against fracking.

I often get criticised for bringing politics into religion. I’m told it has no place there. Yet I look around and see Nature being decimated, the Earth being raped and people and animals suffering because of political decisions. How can we not speak out? How can we not discuss what should be done? How can we sit by and only talk about niceties?

Perhaps it is too painful to contemplate, the Earth taking her revenge on the species that has plundered her? Perhaps it is too easy to dream of wealth and fun, dreams that corporations enchant us with to maximise their profits? Perhaps it is a feeling of helplessness? Perhaps it is fear of the future? Perhaps it is a lack of a compelling future narrative?

If our religion is based on the worship of our Earth, a Nature spirituality, then we surely cannot sit by and let her be harmed? We surely must join The Warrior’s Call in her defence, join the voices of the Christian scholars who seem happy to speak out on social issues, and join the activists that are facing the corporate and political armies.

It is long past the time when we should speak out and we must speak now and we must speak loudly.



About druidgreybeard

Druid, Animist, commentator on worlds events and student of magic.
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