Lughnassadh – reaping what we sow

Lughnassadh or Lammas. The time of first harvest, reaping what we sow. The cutting down of John Barleycorn to make bread. Loaf mass becomes Lammas. A time to store grain for next year too, making sure the cycle can continue.

As a tribe we reap what we sow. Last year we voted for Brexit only to find our European brothers and sisters start to leave the UK increasing shortfalls in professions such as nursing. Just as we leave the EU, so the EU will leave us.

Our actions have consequences. Just as planting the grain, harvesting and storing it ensure there will be a harvest in future years as well as food for this, so we must consider how maintain our vital services into the future.

We cannot simply buy in all our grain, food, computers, energy, etc. from other countries, especially if we have nothing to trade in return.

We need to produce, make and grow our own, be it grain or nurses. And we have to make sure we grow enough for our immediate needs but store some for future years too – both nurses and grain.

But we cannot isolate ourselves from our neighbours. They have always been part of our tribe too. I laugh at the racists who claim they are English with no idea about who the English are – descendants of the Danes but mixed with the tribes that were here before, the British, and the tribes that have arrived since, from just about every race and culture.

We must work with our neighbours, trade with them where there is mutual benefit to do so and always share understanding and support.

We may be an island with an island mentality that is bringing us the harvest called Brexit but we must salvage what we can from the ensuing storm and work out a way of ensuring that we can keep our vital services and businesses going into the future.


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