Wanted / Vacancies: Green Warrior Mages urgently needed to turn humanity away from its destructive path, to lead the fight back against corporate greed, endless growth and the repression of the masses.

Humanity has been successfully persuaded to consume, to spend, to need an infinitely growing economy and that Nature is a resource to be plundered for human consumption. This persuasion didn’t happen by chance either. It has been a long orchestrated campaign by those who benefit from this; the rich have been refining this message for centuries culminating in the most rabid excesses of the last 50 years.

It is more than just persuasion, it is a sustained attack that has convinced people to behave in a certain way, a way that is fundamentally unsustainable and is destroying the world that we are a part of. Ultimately it will destroy us too.

The branch of magic that has achieved this is thaumaturgy, the art of persuasion, convincing others to act or believe in a certain way. This is not Harry Potter magic, this is the magic of PR, ad agencies and corporate media. It is the magic of framing and nudging, the magic of psychology and manipulation.

How do we respond? Defence against their magic and a counter attack.

We must constantly expose and reframe their arguments and we must show the way of Earth, the way of sustainability, of balance and of justice. To do this we need Green Warrior Mages.

Greybeard /|\
Aug 2015


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