I’m fascinated by dragons. They exist in the myths of many cultures across the world, especially in the two cultures that I am particularly interested in: British and Chinese. I’m going to ignore the myths and stories though as I want to look at the hearts of dragons, where they live and what they mean.

The dragon symbolises power and energy to me. They are a force for good, evil and indifference, i.e. they are simply a force. But this force is within the world around us, it is within the air, the water, the earth and in the Sun and fire.

For me there are air dragons, water dragons, earth dragons and fire dragons, but these are not the ramblings of a geek brought up on D&D but of someone who has felt the power of earth, air, fire and water; the natural world that is part of us and sustains us.

So where are these dragons and how do they manifest? I’ll look more at them individually in subsequent posts but we can see air dragons in the hurricane that devastated southern England 28 years ago. The power of the wind can be a force for good too (not that I’m suggesting that destruction is always bad).

Harnessing the power of the air through turbines is one of the cleanest forms of energy that we can have. We can work with the air dragon to bring electricity from its breath. On the other hand, the sleeping or quiet air dragon on a clam day can be foreboding or it can give a sense of calm. The air dragon is spirit, it inspires, allows us to respire and helps us aspire.

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